Festive And Creative Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas

When you are deciding what to wear for Turkey Day, don’t forget your fingers!  Check out these Thanksgiving Nail Art ideas to polish off your perfect look!

Nail polish manufacturers are getting so innovative in the types of polishes that they are offering.  They have every color imaginable, with glitter and sequins and so many other effects to choose from.  Whether your style is cute, elegant, clever or colorful, this list of Thanksgiving ideas is sure to have something for you!



What’s great about nails is that you don’t have to commit to 10 fingers of turkeys!  Try choosing a favorite color for 9 nails and let one single nail gobble up all the compliments!


allcreated - thanksgiving nail art

credit: Stay Glam


Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas include:

  • Lots of cute turkey looks, plus tutorials
  • Pumpkins with glitter
  • Candy Corn Ombre
  • Autumn leaves
  • Sequins and studs
  • Dots and chevrons
  • More glitter!
Visit Stay Glam for all these great ideas and more.


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