10 Minute Makeup For Women Over 50 Takes You From Tired To Terrific

Are you stuck in a makeup rut?  This former model is here to teach you the right way to apply makeup for women over 50.  And can you believe it only takes 10 minutes?

Let’s face it, our faces may not look quite the way they used to.  Our tone might not be as bright and even, our eyelids may be droopy and our lips might be thin and lacking definition.  As we start to age, this happens to even the most beautiful of faces.

Heather, from Awesome Over 50, is a former cover girl and she is here to help us!  We love the way she owns her age. This spunky woman refuses to resort to Botox and other anti-aging methods, like many of us.  Instead, she uses some simple makeup tricks to keep her looking her best. Today, she’s sharing those amazing tips and now we all have an extra tool to combat those pesky problem areas on our face.


Heather explains that makeup techniques that may have worked on our younger faces may actually be making us look even older than we are.  This video is designed to help you leave some of those old habits behind and create a fabulous over 50 look in just 10 minutes. I never really thought about some of these tips, but they all make sense once Heather explains everything. Looks like I’ll be changing up my routine now and, hopefully, I can look half as good as Heather!



WATCH:  Former model shows you the right way to apply makeup for women over 50


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