This Thanksgiving Meal Planning Chart Will Save Your Sanity

It’s time to start planning the holiday menu!  This complete Thanksgiving meal planning chart will make your shopping and cooking easy and stress-free.

When it comes to planning for a group dinner, it’s really hard to know how much food to make.  Especially when you may only prepare these particular dishes once or twice a year.  And the pressure is really on when it’s as special a dinner as Thanksgiving.

Take the worry out with this amazing chart from Simple Most.  This is truly the most comprehensive Thanksgiving meal planning chart we have seen.  It covers pretty much every traditional dish we can think of and is scalable up to 20 guests!



Use this Thanksgiving Meal Planning Chart to start making your list.  It’s not too early!

All the usual suspects are listed, from apps, to main dishes and sides.  Even dessert and beverages are covered.  We can add this chart to our list of things for which are thankful this year!


allcreated - thanksgiving meal planning chart

credit: Simple Most


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