3 Steps To A Perfectly Roasted Holiday Turkey

Have you mastered your holiday bird?  You can have a perfect turkey that’s moist and tender if you follow this easy 3 step plan.

Roasted turkey can be a very difficult dish to perfect.  Usually the birds are on the large side and can sometimes dry out before the whole thing gets fully cooked.  And considering most of us only make turkey once or twice a year, it’s not like we get tons of practice.

The secret is in the brining and, despite what you might have heard, this step does not have to be complicated.  It’s really just a matter of ensuring the bird is thawed properly and the brine properly prepared.  It’s very straight-forward from there.



Delightful E Made has done a great job outlining the 3 steps to a great turkey.  Give it a try and we suspect this will become your go-to method.



3 Steps to a perfect turkey include:

  • Preparing the brine and brining
  • Removing from brine and preparing for roasting
  • Roasting according to weight and letting it rest before slicing (very important!)
Pop over to Delightful E Made for the step-by step.


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