A Placemat Purse Is Your Favorite Table Design, To-Go

Placemats aren’t just for tables.  Make yourself a Placemat Purse, including a pocket for a phone, using this simple DIY tutorial.

Sometime the prettiest patterns are found in home textiles like tablecloths, curtains and pillows.  Remember when Scarlet O’Hara and Fräulein Maria made dresses out of curtains?  They had the right idea!  Now you can take your favorite placemat and turn it into a lovely little purse that will go with you everywhere.



Cleverly Simple has a step-by-step pictorial that shows you exactly how she made this purse out of a placemat that she scored on Amazon.  If you don’t see a fabric that you like there, try thrift stores or Homegoods.  They always have interesting finds and you might discover the perfect design for cheap!



Here are the supplies that you need to make your own Placemat Purse:

  • Reversible quilted placemat
  • 25″ faux leather handles
  • Standard piece of craft felt
  • ruler
  • marking tool
  • needle and thread
  • pinking shears
  • sewing machine
Visit Cleverly Simple for the complete instructions.


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