DIY Eyeglass Chains – Never Lose Your Glasses Again!

As I’m approaching 50, I’m using my reading glasses more than ever. Which is good news / bad news. Good news – I can see better 🙂  Bad news – I can never find my readers when I need them 🙁

But with these beautiful eyeglass chains, I will WANT to wear them more (cuz they look amazing) AND I’ll use them more often. Win – Win! Make one (or 2) for yourself today!

**Perfect for sunglasses, too!



1) Crochet Eyeglass / Sunglass Chain: The creative geniuses at BautaWitch have discovered a beautiful way to incorporate your crocheting skills into making a stunning, 1-of-a-kind eyeglass chain. What a great gift, too! OR craft you could so easily sell!

Click here for more on how to make this for yourself!



2) DIY Pearl Eyeglass Chain: For a more sophisticated look, make your eyeglass chain from pearls – certain to go with every outfit! The folks at Inspiration & Realisation can show you the way.

Click here to learn more about making your eyeglass chain from pearls!



3) DIY Beaded Eyeglass Chain – Martha Stewart Style! In this oh-so-easy-to-follow video tutorial, Martha will show you how to string your own beaded eyeglass chain. Watch the video below for her step-by-step tutorial. Martha makes everything magical!


Martha Stewart

Thank you, ladies, for showing us how easy it is to make our own eyeglass chain! Your instruction inspires us daily and we truly appreciate you sharing your gifts with us!

Blessing!! 🙂


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