Tutorial: How To Tie A Neck Tie AND A Bow Tie

Our son is slowly graduating from basketball shorts and t-shirts to khakis and collared shirts. {I have some pretty young ladies to thank for this transformation}

So when I stumbled across these (2) video tutorials on how to tie a neck tie and a bow tie, I couldn’t resist. Maybe one of you moms and/or dads out there have sons that could use it, too!

Good Luck!!



Let’s start with the neck tie. This young man shows us step-by-step in the following video tutorial how to tie a full Windsor knot neck tie. NICE!




And now the bow tie. Watch and learn how to tie a bow tie (video tutorial), click below! 



These tips are so helpful, especially for all of those young men out there hoping to impress a girlfriend (or maybe her parents) or who have a job interview coming up and first impressions are KEY!

For another great tip, click here!

HT Youtube