Tote Bags For The Summer – DIY Style!

I love purses and tote bags and I kinda get the feeling all woman do! So, you’re not alone hoping and wishing for a new tote bag for the summer. So make one yourself for SO much less. The folks at have taken the guesswork out for you and I’m happy to pass it along!



Tote #1) This lovely, red beauty is made out of FABRIC NAPKINS! I know, right? To learn how to make this for yourself, click here! Make you favorite color / floral one today!



Tote #2) Or maybe this snazzy, stripped tote is more your style? Then you’ll want to visit Homey, Oh My! to learn more! You’ll be amazed at how easy his ‘no sew’ tote is to make!


homey, oh my!


Tote #3) Or maybe this satchel for more of a weekender bag is what you’re searching for. Well, search no more! Click here and learn how to make this for yourself! They don’t call it DIY for nothing! 🙂



Thank you, ladies, for sharing with us your inspiration and creativity. We’d be lost without you!!