Stinky Shoes No More. Your Homemade Remedy Awaits!

If you have children or if you’re an active mom or dad, then you’ve got stinky shoes…guaranteed! And here’s a homemade remedy for those stinky shoes at a fraction of the cost!


One Good Thing

Remember “Stinky Pinky’s?”  Well, I do so I guess I’m showing my age. They date back to 1987 and were promoted as the best thing available to stop the stinky shoe syndrome. But they weren’t inexpensive, either. Until now!

Thanks to this mom, who is sharing her personal remedy to squash the ‘stinkiness’ in your home for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what you’ll need:

*an old pair of pantyhose or even an old pair of thin socks will do;

*baking soda;

*essential oil (optional);

*some string or twine.


One Good Thing

It’s really that simple. Create a bag out of your hose/sock, scoop in your baking soda, add an oil for a scent (if you wish) and tie it off to eliminate any spills.


One Good Thing

And place your new homemade ‘stinky pinky’ into your shoes. Start stopping the stinky today!


One Good Thing

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