Do THIS And Never Lose Earrings Again!

Whenever I travel, I always take a few options in earrings and necklaces – depending on my outfits, of course. 🙂

And I typically toss my earrings, necklaces and bracelets all in a soft, velvet jewelry bag. And once I arrive and need something, I just dump it all out on the bed and sort through what I’m looking for.

But this clever idea is so stinkin’ simple and obvious…where have I been?

Simply take an old button – either with 2 or 4 holes – and insert your earrings by the pair. That’s it!



So, the next time I’m looking for a pair of studs, they come out as a pair!



This is so clever. No more searching through the debris looking for the matching earring.

And it looks like my larger earrings will work as well. Just use a bigger button. AWESOME!



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HT Instructables