Pumpkin Costume Made No-Sew Easy!

As fall approaches, so does the costume season. Whether at a private party in your backyard or at school or a church fall festival, costumes are “IN!” And this mom found a great way to create a pumpkin costume that is inexpensive, quick, no-sew (my personal favorite) and adorable!

Watch her video below and see how easy this is to make.

How cute is he?!


YouTube / Heather Mann

The list of items needed to create this pumpkin costume is fairly short and simple:


YouTube / Heather Mann


YouTube / Heather Mann

Watch her video below to learn how to make this pumpkin costume for your little sugar-pop this season. Trust me…it’s easier than you think PLUS no-sew!

Thanks, mom, for sharing your no-sew pumpkin costume idea. It’s really cute.

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