Make A Backyard Pond Out Of An Old Tire

Turn An Old Tire Into A Beautiful Backyard Pond!

This project is amazing. Not only does this DIY project from homesthetics clean up the area by putting some old tires to good use, but it actually beautifies the landscape and creates a tranquil, relaxing spot to kick back and just enjoy life.  It’ll attract birds while you upcycle something that won’t recycle into the environment otherwise. A win-win!

1. Grab an old tire. (They used multiple tires in this example because they installed a few and made a little water garden area.) Tractor tires are nice for larger ponds, or a car tire will work just fine for a smaller pond. Then find a nice spot in your back yard where you’d like to enjoy your pond.



2. Measure and dig out the area to insert the tire, leveling the bottom

3. Cover with a tarp or plastic pond lining. Add a filter, some water and fish. Surround with rocks and plantings and sit back and enjoy your oasis! (Several folks commented that they were concerned about mosquitos. . .I installed a little pond in my backyard, and the filter keeps the water moving around so I’ve never had a problem with the nasty little biters!)



Old Tractor or Car Tires
Rocks of Different Sizes
Tarpaulin-like Material
A Few Buckets of Sand Gravel
Pond Filter

Simple Regular Shovel
Slab of Wood Or Any Item With Which You Can Level the Sand

Installing a pond like this could be completed over a weekend, and imagine how much enjoyment you and your family will get out of it!

credit: homesthetics





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