17 Simple Life Hacks To Change Your World!

Here are (17) life hacks guaranteed to save you time, money, energy and more. I’m not joking!

If you have kids, if you eat, if you own a cell phone or ever use a hammer and nail, then there is something here for you! Plus some!



Life Hack #1) By placing your phone on airplane mode, it will charge faster. Not sure why…but it’s worth trying!



Life Hack #2) If your toilet will not stop running and you want to prevent a flood, turn the silver knob underneath to your RIGHT. This will shut off the water. **remember: righty = tighty; lefty = loosey



Life Hack #3) This little trick is perfect as the holidays approach. I’m always making a shopping / to-do list and sometimes my gifts are listed on them as well. This way, I know my kiddos can’t see what I’ve purchased. I like it!


Why Don’t You Try This?

Life Hack #4) When flying, it can be difficult to spot your bag on the carousel as it rolls by. But with this little trick, you’ll be able to spot YOUR bag from a mile away. Be sure to use a ribbon that’s a bit more unique…just in case you’re not the only one who read this idea. 🙂


Little White Lion

Life Hack #5) For all you handy men and women out there, this is a great hack that will save you time climbing up and down from that ladder. Simply place a large magnet in your pocket and it will hold the nails and screws for you. Keeping your other hand free for the time being!



Life Hack #6) When you lose a small piece of jewelry, try this next time and it just might save the day AND shorten your search. Place a stocking / pantyhose on the end of your vacuum and turn it on.


Top Dreamer

Life Hack #7) Never lose your gas cap again! Simply place your cap on the handle where the gas pump belongs while you’re pumping. You will HAVE to pick it up to replace the handle. Ta-Da!



Life Hack #8) When heating up your leftovers in the microwave, it’s recommended to create a small hole in the middle as this will heat your food more evenly.


St. Albert’s Place On The Web

Life Hack #9) Buying the perfect avocado is tricky. This hack will save you time and money (on wasted food) when searching for the ‘ready to eat’ avocado! *I never knew this!!


Snappy Pixels

Life Hack #10) When making a sandwich, it’s always a bummer when the corners are ‘meatless.’ But with this tip, your sandwich will always be full and satisfying!



Life Hack #11) The last bowl of cereal in the box typically comes with a lot of crumbs. Some like the crumbs while others hate them. To beat the crumb-madness, use a strainer first…you’re welcome!



Life Hack #12) If your child keeps falling out of bed at night…try this. Place a pool noodle along the edge. Be sure to place it under the fitted sheet to keep it in place.



Life Hack #13) Too many of us receive emails we never wanted or no longer need. To help with this problem, use the word “unsubscribe” in your filter. This will help identify the ones you can unsubscribe from!


Slow Robot

Life Hack #14) A long stick of spaghetti is the perfect tool to reach those candle wicks that are in some tight places. No need to burn your pretty little fingers!


Twisted Sifter

Life Hack #15) To make the perfect ’round’ egg (for a egg muffin sandwich) simply use an onion ring as your guide!


Good Wall

Life Hack #16) We have (3) cats so this hack is PURR-FECT! Tuck the end into the tube thus eliminating the temptation!



Life Hack #17) To avoid orange / cheesy fingers while eating Cheetos…use CHOPSTICKS!


Foodie Robots

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