10 Amazing Ways To Use Pumpkins At Your Next Party

Boy, do I wish the “pumpkin” season was longer than just a few weeks but here are (10) to make the most of the time we do have!

Whether you’re decorating, celebrating or baking…we’ve got some great ideas that I would hate for you to miss out on…so keep reading!

And be Pumpk-Inspired!


Michael Partenio

#1) Set the table and the mood with these adorable cinnamon, pumpkin candles. LOVE IT! Click here for the tutorial on how to make these for your home.


Hello Natural

#2) Serve your warm apple cider in something way better than a punch bowl! Carve a large pumpkin and put it to use! Click here to learn how.


Michael Partenio

#3) If you’re celebrating something special, use a pumpkin to chill the bubbly! To do this right, click here to learn more.


Everyday Dishes

#4) Turn your pumpkin into the menu board in your kitchen. With some chalkboard paint, you can turn anything into a work of art! To see how, click here!


Better Recipes

#5) Want your man to help carve the pumpkins? Tell him POWER TOOLS are required and you’ll get his attention! 🙂 Decorate your next pumpkin using a drill. YUP! Click here to see how.


Crafty Nest

#6) Use the smaller pumpkins as serving bowls. Of course, why didn’t I think of this? Click here to see more.


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#7) Serve this yummy pumpkin dip in your very own pumpkin! For the how-to and the recipe, click here!


Handmade in The Heartland

#8) Need to peel a pumpkin? Here’s the how-to that will make it as easy as pie…pumpkin pie, that is 🙂

Click here for the step-by-step!


From Brazil to You

#9) Cook your own pumpkin for homemade puree. It’s easier than you think. Click here and follow along.


Bless This Mess

#10) Freeze that homemade puree for another day. Pumpkin Pie in January?  YES!  Click here to learn how.


Clever Pink Pirate

For more pumpkin decor, click here!

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