Easy, Money Saving Steps To A Clean Mattress

When is the last time that you cleaned your mattress?  It’s easier than you think and a clean mattress will last much longer, saving you big bucks.

I will be the first to admit that I am not very good about cleaning the mattresses in my home.  We have mattress protectors, but I always thought it was just too complicated and labor-intensive to take any additional steps.  Wow, was I wrong!  This informative tutorial from Clean My Space provides some very useful information for caring for your mattress.  Truly, if you follow her steps, you really can prolong your mattress life.  And let’s face it, who wants to go the mattress store more than we really have to?  Torture!



These tips include following a seasonal schedule that really should be very easy to adhere to.  Considering the high cost of mattresses, it’s great to know how to make them last longer!




Follow these steps to keep your mattress in prime condition:
  • Vacuum frequently
  • Deodorize often
  • Treat stains
  • Rotate and/or flip
  • Keep it dry


WATCH:  Professional housecleaner advice for a long lasting and clean mattress


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