Make Bath Time A BLAST With Homemade Fish-In-A-Bag Soap

Bathtime is never easy in my household. But things are getting a lot better ever since this homemade soap tutorial came into my life. I mean, who can resist these adorable fish-in-a-bag soaps? What a great way to bring some much-needed fun to bathtime. This is an easy craft that is sure to impress everyone. I’ve even thought about using these little guys as a party favor or DIY gift!

I always thought that making my own soap would be really difficult, but Sarah from SoCraftastic breaks down the steps in her easy to follow tutorial. I’m definitely a beginner, so this is perfect for DIYers of all levels!

How did yours turn out? What other fun ideas do you have for homemade soap? We’d love to hear about them in comments section below!

credit: SoCraftastic