This Easy Cinnamon Roll Waffle Recipe Will Change Your Whole Morning!


There’s nothing better than a nice, warm breakfast. And these cinnamon roll waffles are the perfect weekend dish! This is SO easy and I bet you’ve already got all the ingredients. I’m so glad our friends at Gooseberry Patch filled us in on this tasty treat!

Just grab your waffle iron and a roll of refrigerated cinnamon rolls and you’re well on your way to breakfast goodness!

Follow along with the Gooseberry Patch ladies and you’ll be the breakfast champion in no time!

How easy was that? I absolutely love the crunch of the waffle mixed with the flavors of the cinnamon roll. And who can forget that icing? How did your cinnamon roll waffles turn out? Let us know in the comments section below!

credit: Gooseberry Patch