How To Safely Introduce Your Dog To The New Baby

There’s nothing more exciting and nerve-racking than bringing home a new baby. Especially when you have a dog. You want to make sure your pup understands what is going on and that he or she is not being replaced. And most of all you want the meeting┬áto be safe. Seems like a lot to ask for. But with Alexey‘s┬ástep-by-step guide you’ll know just how to help them meet in a way that is safe to both of your babies!


dog and baby meet 1




Don’t forget to always be very careful when first introducing a dog and a baby. Here’s a note from Alexey, “Our dog is very unique and highly trained, this video displays our specific situation on how we introduced our baby to our dog. Always be cautious when presenting infants to dogs.”


But with time and love these two will be the best of friends!



credit: Alexey M.