Power Outage Hacks Have You Prepared For The Worst

Sadly, many in our country are currently experiencing outages.  These power outage hacks may help someone you know weather whatever storm has come their way.

Electricity is something that we often tend to take for granted.  Not until the lights are off, the heat or air has stopped and the perishable foods are in peril do we really understand how much we rely on power.



Here are some handy tips from Little Things for some ideas that might make those days in the dark just a little more bearable.  Our prayers to all who are impacted by U.S. storms over the past several weeks.  We hope these ideas are helpful.



These tips include:
  • creating a lamp using a water jug
  • replacing dead AA batteries with AA batteries and foil
  • creating a waterproof lighter using a battery and steel wool
  • making a candle out of a crayon
  • keeping perishables cool in a DIY terracotta pot fridge
  • creating a vegetable oil candle in a jar


WATCH:  Be prepared for the worst with these clever Power Outage Hacks.


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