13 Amazing Uses for Disposable Silica Beads – You’ll Never Throw Them Away Again

13 Amazing Uses for Disposable Silica Beads – You’ll Never Throw Them Away Again

Disposable Silica Beads come in so many things we buy. But I had no idea they were useful for so much more than keeping shoes moisture-free in the store!



Those little silica bead bags always say THROW WAY. Well, this time I’m not listening! Because these little bags absorb moisture, I found out that they have so many worthy uses and simply tossing them might as well be a crime. (Do keep them away from the kiddies!)

1. Disposable Silica Beads Fight Vehicle Window Fog

Disposable Silica Beads _ Car Dash _ allcreated

credit: Buzzfeed

Fogged windows can be dangerous as well as frustrating. Disposable Silica Beads spread around the windows will help prevent fog.


2. Disposable Silica Beads Keep Your Linens Moisture Free

Disposable Silica Beads _ linen closet _ allcreated

credit: HGTV

Who doesn’t love dry, fluffy towels? Toss some silica packets in your closet to fight off dampness that attacks your towels!


3. Disposable Silica Beads Prevent Photos From Aging and Warping

Keep your photos moisture free by keeping disposable silica bead packets in boxes of family photos, the back of picture frames, or tucked inside your albums.


4. Disposable Silica Beads Extend the Life of Your Razor

Disposable Silica Beads _ Razor Rust _ allcreated

credit: Survival Kit

Moisture is a razor killer! It can speed up rust and dull the blade. Wiping off the razor and storing with silica packets will prolong its use.


5. Disposable Silica Beads Dry Out Wet Cell Phones

Disposable Silica Beads _ wet cellphone _ allcreated

credit: Shareably

Many of us have experienced the wet phone situation. Toss your phone in a plastic bag full of silica bead packets and let them work their magic over-night.


6. Disposable Silica Beads Keep Camera Equipment Dry

Disposable Silica Beads _ wet camera equipment _ allcreated

credit: James Woo

A dry-box with silica beads is a great way to keep your valuable camera equipment safe from humidity.


7. Disposable Silica Beads Eliminates Old Book Smell

Disposable Silica Beads _ smelly old books _ allcreated

credit: Vorply

Not everyone loves the smell of old books. Silica beads are a great way to fight the musty smell on your bookshelves.


8. Disposable Silica Beads Keeps Stored Luggage Dry

Disposable Silica Beads _ storing luggage _ allcreated

credit: News.com.au

Between trips, keep your luggage moisture free by placing silica beads in them before storing. They are great to use WHILE traveling as well, especially in damp airplane storage or if traveling to a humid location.


9. Disposable Silica Beads Keep Medicines Fresh Longer

Pills and Vitamins can absorb moisture very quickly which leads to their spoilage. Silica beads are a great way to combat this.


10. Disposable Silica Beads Makes Garden Seeds Last Longer

Disposable Silica Beads _ store garden seeds _ allcreated

credit: Chiotsrun

If you save your garden seeds from year-to-year, you know the importance of keeping them dry and mold-free. Silica beads are an easy way to fend off moisture and keep those seeds fresh for the coming year!


11. Disposable Silica Beads Fights Gym Bag Odors

Stinky gym shoes – Yuck! No one wants to store that smell and a great way to fight the odor is silica beads. Slip a packet in each shoe or compartment to keep your gym items a little fresher.


12. Disposable Silica Beads Keeps Pet Food from Getting Soggy

Feel free to buy the big box of treats with this easy way to keep Fido’s snacks fresher, longer.


13. Silica Beads Stops Pumpkins from Molding

Disposable Silica Beads - stop pumpkin molding_allcreated

credit: Pets&Animals

You want your pumpkins and gourds to stay fresh the whole Autumn season. Silica beads prevent the rot which eats away at your carved creations.

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