Do You Have T-Shirts Coming Out Of Your Ears? Turn Them Into Reusable Grocery Bags In A Snap!

We’ve all got extra t-shirts laying around. But with this quick craft you can turn them into something super handy and eco-friendly! Ya gotta love that!

Here’s how you do it:

Pick a t-shirt and cut the arms off at the seam.

t-shirt bag 1


Next cut out the neck in a semicircle a bit wider and deeper than the original neck.

t-shirt bag 2


Flip your t-shirt inside out, and pin along the bottom. This is so the fabric won’t shift as you sew.

t-shirt bag 3


Sew across the bottom of the shirt.

t-shirt bag 4

Flip your shirt right side out and behold your super easy reusable shopping bag!


With the t-shirt drawer I’ve got I’ll never need a plastic grocery bag again, lol!

t-shirt bag 5



t-shirt bag 6


credit: Indulgy