Hide A Spare Key In Your Yard With This Clever Hack

This Is The Perfect Way To Hide A Spare Key, No One WIll Ever Find It Unless You Tell Them.

Everyone has probably hid a spare key underneath the doormat. But now, we are all onto this trick and it is not even considered a hiding place anymore. HacksofLife discovered this nifty little trick to have a spare key outside of the house without anyone being able to guess where it is.



All you will need is:

  • A rock
  • An old pill bottle
  • Glue
  • And of course your spare key

All Created - hide your spare key




Simply glue the rock on top of the pill bottle and insert the key.


All Created - hide your spare key- 1





And BAM! You have a hiding place for your key that no one will ever notice!


All Created - hide your spare key-2




Credit: Hacksof.Life