How To Negotiate Price On Holiday Shopping At Places You Wouldn’t Expect

When is the last time you asked if you could have a discount?  Learn how to negotiate price at small stores, big stores, car dealerships and even online!

The way we shop has changed.  Not only can we get almost anything that we need with the click of a mouse.  We can also oftentimes get discounts simply by asking.  “Really”, you ask?  According to financial expect Jean Chatsky on The Today Show, it’s possible to get discounts or “throw-ins” much more frequently than we think.  She explains that these days, retailers are pretty much expecting folks to ask for discounts.  Even at the big box and department stores!



Chatsky also says that should be asking for savings online too.  Those little “chat” windows aren’t just for questions or problems.  Check out these tips and work up some courage and you might be surprised at what you can come home with!



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Some of the basic “rules” include:
  • Be nice and polite
  • Smile
  • Use the magic words “Can you do any better?”
  • Ask a person who has the authority to help you
  • Know the best time to purchase


WATCH:  Learn how to negotiate price on clothing, electronics, and even cars!


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