Choose Your Favorite DIY Tabletop Christmas Tree Tutorial And Make One Today

Time to get your Christmas crafty on!  Try your hand at one of these DIY tabletop Christmas trees and everyone will be so impressed with your artistry!

One of the ways that I decompress from the holiday hustle is by taking some time to get creative.  Since I still have school-aged kids, it’s hard to make time for friends in between work, cooking, cleaning, activities, decorating, gift-shopping and mid-terms.  Whew, I’m tired.

So, I have started planning an annual “Crafts and Cocktails” party with my girlfriends.  We take a few hours to ourselves to visit, indulge in holiday treats and flex our creative muscles.



At a recent gathering, we all purchased tree forms and spent the afternoon decorating ours in whatever way we were most inspired.  See below for my creation.  It’s very special!


Here are 5 DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees that are sure to spark your imagination.


Ribbon Trees
allcreated - diy tabletop christmas trees

credit: Whipperberry

Ribbons are cut into varying lengths and glued to a paper mache tree in this project from Whipperberry.  Use whatever ribbon colors you love to match these to your decor.



Felt “Pages” Trees
allcreated - diy tabletop christmas trees

credit: Little House of Four

Using a template, tree shapes are cut and folded together to look like the pages of a book.  Little House of Four shows how to glue the trees to sticks from the yard and secure in wood bases.  We love the differing heights and colors.



Oyster Shell Trees
allcreated - diy tabletop christmas trees

credit: Scavenger Chic

Who says Christmas can’t be beachy?  Scavenger Chic shows how to get crafty with your beachcombing treasures with a tutorial for these lovely oyster shell trees.

I love this project and recently made one myself.  This one has sentimental value as I collected the shells at the riverside home of a best friend.  We made our trees together and every time I look at it, I think of her and the time that we shared.  Here’s a picture of mine!  I painted the shells with a paint glaze to give them more of a pearl finish.


allcreated - diy tabletop christmas trees

credit: Cathy at AllCreated



Coffee Filter Ruffle Trees
allcreated - diy tabletop christmas trees

credit: City Farmhouse

These shabby-chic lovelies are right on budget using dollar store coffee filters glued to paper mache tree forms.  City Farmhouse shows us how to make them and add a little sparkle too.



Twine Criss-cross wrapped Trees
allcreated - diy tabletop christmas trees

credit: Vintage News Junkie

These trees are all about texture.  Vintage News Junkie shows us how to create the rustic look of this tree and others in her easy tutorials.  Her secret is using a cemetery base as the form so the glue sticks more easily.


We hope you had as much fun making your trees as we did ours!  Happy Holidays to all!


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