Easy DIY Giant Christmas Ornaments Using Budget Materials

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a big decorating statement.  DIY giant ornaments can be yours with a quick visit to Walmart and some clever crafting.

We are so blown away by these Christmas decor ideas…and we really can’t believe no one thought of these sooner!  These two ornament designs look so expensive, like something you would see at a mall or high-end store.  But they are made with kids’ balls and plastic pots!  And they really are so simple to put together.



Thanks to Smart Schoolhouse and The Hallmark Channel for these easy-to-follow instructions.  Take a little time to pull these together and your house will be the most elegant on the block…in a BIG way!


Budget-friendly and simple DIY giant ornaments give your holiday decor incredible impact.


Play Ball Tree Ornaments


Click here for the complete supply list and written instructions.


WATCH:  Colorful play balls become incredible giant porch ornaments


Plastic Pot Silver Bells


Click here to see what supplies you need.


WATCH:  Plastic plant pots transformed into amazing outdoor silver bells


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