Elegant Dollar Store DIY Spa Pebble Mat Your Feet Will Love

Do you need a spa weekend?  Bring the spa to your house with this DIY Spa Pebble Mat that you can make with dollar store materials.

If you have been neglecting yourself while you take care of everyone else, it’s time to take a pause.  You may not have the time or money to hit the spa, but you can give your own bathroom that same, zen-like vibe with a beautiful pebble bath mat.  The colors of the stones are gorgeous in a neutral toned room and they feel so good on the feet.  Like a little foot massage whenever you step on them.



Curbly shows how she pulled together inexpensive materials from the dollar store and Amazon to make these lovely mats.  They could also be used on the porch or deck.  For under $10 each, you could make a few!


allcreated - diy spa pebble mat

credit: Curbly


Here’s what you need to make your DIY Spa Pebble Mat:

  • Floor Mat
  • Garden Pebbles: Black Pebbles, Multi-colored Pebbles, or White Pebbles. You can find these labeled as ‘river stones’ too.
  • 5-Minute Epoxy

Note: All these supplies can be found at most dollar stores or on Amazon for under $10 in total!

Visit Curbly for the simple instructions.


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