Caramel Apple Bar Provides Fun And Infinite Flavor Combinations

What’s better than a caramel apple?  A Caramel Apple Bar where everyone can create their own flavors and fun! Perfect for a party!

Food bars are always popular at gatherings.  Potato bars, ice cream bars, chili bars…you get the picture.  If you have an event coming up, we think this apple pop bar could be a huge hit.  It’s easy to set up.  Just slice your apples, insert the pop sticks and dip them in soda to prevent browning.  Stack them up next to some melted caramel and chocolate and a few muffin tins with the added ingredients.  It might also be fun to make a little card with suggested topping combinations.



Craftberry Bush has done a beautiful job pulling this idea together and on her site, she shares with us how she displays and sets up her caramel apple buffet.



Here are the ingredients to make your own Caramel Apple Bar:

  • Various varieties of apples, but into wedges and de-seeded
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Carbonated beverage such as Sprite or Ginger Ale to keep apples from browning
  • Chocolate for melting
  • Caramel sauce

Put these additional ingredients in a muffin tin and create some of these amazing combinations:

Apple S’more – Mini marshmallows, Graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and caramel
Toffee Caramel Peanut – White chocolate, chopped peanuts, Skor toffee bits and caramel
Peanut Caramel – Dark chocolate, caramel and chopped peanuts (for a healthier option, skip the caramel)
Coconut Chocolate – Dark chocolate and shredded coconut (healthy option)
Cheesecake – White chocolate, caramel, graham crackers and cinnamon brown sugar mix.
Apple Pie – White chocolate, caramel, cinnamon brown sugar mix
Visit Craftberry Bush for more on this clever treat.