Pro Review Of Best And Worst Store-Bought Pie Crust

‘Tis the season for pie-making.  Before you head out to buy ingredients, you may want to check out this review of the best and worst store bought pie crust brands.

Some lucky bakers have a tried and true scratch pie crust recipe and the time to make it with perfection.  Others may not have the skill or time to pull it off, so we rely on our grocery to help us out.  But which store bought brands are the best?

Simply Recipes decided to do a test so that we would know which ones are the tastiest and most reliable and which to steer clear of.  Her method was to pre-bake all of the crusts in 9″ Pyrex baking dishes and to taste them without filling.  She wanted to know which ones could really stand on their own in terms of flavor and texture.  She then chose 3 to fill with pumpkin pie filling and judged on how the structure held up to the filling.



Her review includes many brands with mass distribution and a few that are regionally available.  Check out her results and see if one or more fit the bill for your upcoming holiday baking!



This review of the best and worst store bought pie crust includes the following:

  • Price
  • Type of crust (in a tin, frozen, rolled in a box, etc)
  • Ingredients and weight
  1. Wholly Wholesome Organic Traditional – BEST OVERALL
  2. Trader Joe’s Pie Crust – BEST VALUE
  3. Leadbetter’s All Natural French Picnic Flaky Pastry Sheet – BEST TASTING
  4. Pillsbury Pie Crusts
Visit Simply Recipes for her complete review, results and where to buy!


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