Bible Cake Tutorial Is Perfect For A Decorating Novice

Be The Cake Boss In Your House When You Make This Gorgeous Book Cake

If you can bake a cake, you can make this lovely confection.  This Bible cake tutorial walks you through the steps and it’s easier than you think!



At first glance, the idea of making this Bible cake might be a little daunting.  But we promise, if you can cut a straight line, you can make this cake with no problem!  You simply begin with a square cake and a few basic decorating tools and this celebration cake comes together in no time!  Amanda from How To Make This and her adorable son show you all the steps required to bring this cake to life.


In this tutorial, Amanda goes all out, also making a wood-grained fondant base for the cake.  However, if you are a beginner, you can cut that step out and just use a plain base.  You could even cover your base with wood-look scrapbook paper.   Additionally,  if you are not going to follow her cake recipe, I would recommend a recipe that produces a dense cake that does not easily crumble.  I would also recommend freezing the cake before carving.  This makes the cuts much sharper and less likely to crumb.

Amanda has made this cake to celebrate a Pastor’s birthday, but it would be the perfect sweet centerpiece for any church-related event, Baptism or Confirmation.  We also think this book design could be used to mark other events such as graduation or any event celebrating a lover of books.  Simply switch out the lettering and the sky’s the limit!


WATCH:  This Bible Cake Tutorial teaches you some great techniques and provides a divine end result!


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