5 Pie Baking Tips That Will Guarantee Success Every Time

Put the brakes on the holiday baking!  First, you need to check out The Pioneer Woman’s 5 pie baking tips to ensure the best pies in town.

Since most pies are freezable, you may already be embarking on your holiday baking.  But before you roll out another crust, take a look at this list of pie do’s and don’ts.  The talented ladies at The Pioneer Woman have made some pies in their day and they are here to tell us what works and what doesn’t.



Many of these seem to be common sense, but leaving just one of these out of your process can ruin what would otherwise be a spectacular dessert.  So take your time and follow these tips and your pies might end up being the favorite part of the meal!


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credit: Thinkstock/Ryan McVay


Here’s a rundown of the top Pie Baking Tips:

  • Keep the dough cold for the flakiest crust
  • Overfill your pies (most of the time)
  • Bake on the low rack
  • Weigh down your pre-baked crusts
  • Wait to slice
Pop over to The Pioneer Woman for all the details on these valuable tips.


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