An Ombre Wine Slushie Is A Drinkable Work Of Art

Ombre Wine Slushie Might Be Your New Favorite Summer Beverage

What’s better than a slushie?  Why, an Ombre Wine Slushie made with 3 of your favorite wines!  Tastes heavenly and so pretty!



The best days are the ones where the most difficult decision is what kind of wine to drink.  Let’s admit that those days rarely, if ever, come along.  Ho hum,  it’s nice to pretend.  But behold, what if you didn’t have to decide between wine flavors…you could have three at once…and you could have a slushie too?  Yes, please.  I’ll take one…or two.  This recipe from One Country is so simple to follow and if you have one of those small blenders where you can blend right in the cup, it’s even easier!  Score!




Only a few ingredients and tools needed to make this delicious Ombre Wine Slushie.


  • white wine
  • rose’ wine
  • red wine


  • 3 ice trays
  • blender

Hop over to One Country to get the easy-to-follow instructions!  Cheers!


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