Recycled Christmas Tree Bird Feeder Will Have Feathered Friends Celebrating

Before you throw out your holiday tree, let the birds enjoy it.  A recycled Christmas tree bird feeder will look gorgeous in your yard and attract feathered friends all season.

It’s not too late to extend the life of your Christmas tree and give the birds in your yard a real treat.  Just move the tree to an area that is sheltered from wind and that is easily viewed from your window.  Make some charming and colorful garlands and seed treats and the birds will enjoy a holiday all their own!



Garden Answer always brings us such delightful projects and this one is especially lovely and useful!  If you have already disposed of your tree or use an artificial one, look for a medium sized tree or tall shrub in your yard that you could decorate similarly.  The birds certainly will thank you!



WATCH:  Your flocked friends will celebrate this recycled Christmas tree bird feeder


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