15 Creative DIY Birdfeeders For Your Backyard Birdwatching!

As the seasons change, it’s fun to create ways to help our furry friends outdoors. And making fun birdfeeders are always a fun craft to DIY!

Here are (15) creative birdfeeders that you can make yourself…using a lot of stuff right there in your home!



From wine bottles, to mason jars, to cups & saucers…there are so many cute ways to feed our birdies that it just makes me smile! 🙂

1) Plate & Bowl Birdfeeder: How cute is this? And easier than you think to make.



*Use a melamine plate & bowl to allow you to drill a hole in the middle and connect with a bolt, washer and nut. Click here for the full layout of how to make this for yourself!


2) Wine Bottle Birdfeeder: Either recycle an empty wine bottle or find a really cool bottle to jazz up your backyard. NOTE: When making this birdfeeder, please use protective eye wear!  Click here for the full set of directions!




3) Mason Jar Feeders:  I love the creativity behind these feeders. Click here to be inspired and taught how to make this for your own backyard!




4) Tea Cup Birdfeeder: For a more elegant look, try making this tea cup and saucer birdfeeder.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A tea cup and saucer
  • Wild bird seed
  • SUPER adhesive glue
  • A hanger or string

Follow the steps below or click here to learn more!



  1. Make sure your cup and saucer are clean and dry.
  2. Squeeze some of the glue onto the edge of your saucer. Tip your tea cup onto its side and place on-top of the glue. You will need to let it set for about 24 hours before you hang it outside.
  3. Next all you have to do is pour in your birdseed and hang up your feeder. I found this “gutter hanger” in the dollar store and thought it would work best. My feeder still needs a bit of time to set, but I can’t wait to put it outside and watch the birds!


5) Recycled Goods Birdfeeder: Simply take some old stuff from your garage or attic and be creative. This larger style can accommodate the larger birds which is nice. This guy used old license plates, a pastry blender as the perch and a lid of some sort to give the food some covering. Very clever! What design can you come up with?




6) Wooden Spoon (and water bottle) Feeder: This self-explaining birdfeeder might be the easiest one on the list to make. What a fun craft to make with your kiddos!




7) Milk Carton Feeder: Now here’s a craft your kids would enjoy making alongside mom or dad. Click here to learn more. It’s quite simple…but could be jazzed up as much as you like with a little paint and bling!!




8) Log Birdfeeder: For the more rustic at heart, this beauty will inspire all the birds to come dine at your place! Click here to meet the folks responsible for this creation.




9) Tea Cup Towers: Here’s a lovely way to offer up food and water to our friends in the air. This creative mom found items at Goodwill and Habitat For Humanity – Restore for just a few dollars. And voila! She glued the cups and saucers together and then to the poles. (which we believe are banister poles) Lovely!




10) Pinecone Feeders: A oldie but a goodie. This is all you need: bird seed, lard, pine cones, and string. Melt the lard and add birdseed to the goo. Roll your pine cones in the mixture and set upright in an old egg carton and place in fridge overnight to set up. That’s it! Attach some string and watch the birdies enjoy!



*To read more on how to make the pinecone feeders, click here!


11) Window Birdfeeder: You’ll have a front row seat to watch the birdies enjoy their goodies!  All you need is some scrap wood and some creativity. Click here for all the details.




12) DIY Clay Birdfeeder: To make this natural birdfeeder from clay, click here to learn how. This is a great kid-friendly project and oh so fun to paint and decorate for our winged friends to enjoy!




13) Open Bar Feeder: This upside down bottle will last a very long time. It will hold a lot of bird seed as well as keep the food dry as the birds enjoy!

Click here to learn more about how to make this open bar birdfeeder.


esprit cabane


14) Sisal Rope Feeder: This is all you need to make this very cool sisal rope birdfeeder:

  • Clean tin can – keep the lid (I used a large tomato can)
  • Sisal rope
  • Piece of metal for post (sorry, I don’t even know what I used, it was just a scrap I found in the garage)
  • Glue gun and glue



  1. Take the tin can lid and bend it in half.
  2. Take the metal for the post and glue it down so that there is enough room for the birds to perch while they eat.
  3. Insert your can lid so that it fits nicely over the metal piece you just glued in and is just inside the opening of the can and glue into place making sure there are no openings for the seed to fall through.
  4. Find the top middle of the can and glue a long piece of sisal rope (about 2.5 ft) from top to bottom of the can so that you have 1 ft on either side of the can hanging off (you’ll tie this together at the end) – this will be the part that hangs from the hook or tree.
  5. Now, starting at the top of the can, slowly glue down the sisal rope from one end to the other by going around the can in a circular motion until you reach the bottom of the can. Cut the rope and glue in ends.
  6. Cut a piece of rope the exact size of the front of the can and glue on around the top/front edge to help give a nicer finished look to the feeder.
  7. Tie the two 1 foot piece ends that are still hanging to the sides together in a knot.
  8. Fill with bird seed and hang from a hook or tree.

Click here to learn more, if needed!


15) Popsicle Stick Feeders: Here’s a great craft to make at a child’s birthday party.

You’ll need:

  • 50 popsicle sticks
  • 1 large popsicle stick (tongue depresser)
  • 1 bag of bird seed
  • 1 tub of outdoor paint
  • 2 long pieces of hemp cord to hang their bird feeder
  • 1 Elmer’s X-TREME glue
  • 2 glitter glue sticks


Click here for the step-by-step in making this for your next party!!



I love the birds in the sky that God has created. They are so beautiful. I often try to envision what it must be like to soar above this earth – as they fly above. Be kind to our feathered friends and make them a birdfeeder! 🙂

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