Kids’ 72 Hour Emergency Kit Has The Little Ones Prepared

Kids’ 72 Hour Emergency Kit

If your family is faced with a crisis situation, will you be prepared for an evacuation?  This Kids’ 72 Hour Emergency Kit has the little ones ready to go.

It seems that each year, more and more communities are faced with disastrous circumstances that force them to leave their homes.  Storms, floods and fires can all prompt temporary evacuations.  If you are in an at-risk area, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that your family has everything that they need to stay warm, fed and prepared?



There are many emergency lists and kits that are available for purchase, but most of them are expensive and impersonal.  How Does She is taking a different approach, offering lists and a plan to address the particular needs of kids, including how to rotate supplies based on expiration dates and seasonality.  We think this is a great resource to help keep the kids ready, but comforted and confident that Mom and Dad have taken care of their needs.


allcreated - kids' 72 hour emergency kit

credit: How Does She


Your Kids’ 72 Hour Emergency Kit should contain baggies for each of the following groupings:

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Emergency Supplies
  • Hygiene
  • Light
  • Money
  • Fun

Visit How Does She for the complete checklist.


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