Freezer Meals For The Frugal Procrastinator In All Of Us

Freezer Meals

Looking for a cheaper and less stressful way to meal plan?  Try this time and money saving approach to dinner with make-ahead freezer meals.

How many times has 4 o’clock rolled around and you have no idea what to make for dinner?  You scratch your head and quickly check the pantry and the fridge, but nothing is speaking to you.  So, you order a pizza or get subs…again.  That lack of planning usually ends up turning into an expensive and unhealthy meal.  It’s no one’s fault.  We just get so busy and the day gets away from us.



What if you had 46 meal starter portions, seasoned and ready to cook?  Natalie at A Turtle’s Life For Me has put together this fantastic video that shows how, with a little planning and time, you can assemble meat dishes that are versatile, low-cost and ready to go whenever you are.  Sign me up!



WATCH:  Step by step video shows you how to assemble these inexpensive and ready to go freezer meals.


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