6 Things You’ll Need If You’re Ever In A Car Accident.

As cars are made to go faster, so do we. Unfortunately. And with all the technology at our fingertips at all times, there are more distracted drivers out there texting and talking on their phones, bringing an even greater risk of getting in a car accident. I found this list from a car accident attorney in San Antonio, Texas that I found very helpful and thought I’d share.

So this life hack is simple. Read this list and if you need to, print it out and keep it with you. Obviously, nobody plans to be in an accident and you may not be thinking clearly when something like that happens. But our hope is that knowing in advance what you’ll need after a car accident may help ease a little of that stress and hopefully protect you from further financial or medical harm.

I’m gonna print out this list and place it in each of my family members’ glove boxes so that my children will have these instructions handy as well. 🙂

Our hope and prayer is that we are never in such need, but why not be prepared?




If you’re ever in a car accident, make sure you have these six pieces of evidence handy in case you need to hire a car accident attorney:

1) A police report —Always, always, always call the police after a wreck. This will ensure you have a police report on file—the single most important piece of evidence you can have in a car accident case. For one, a police report includes lots of vital information: the time of day, the weather conditions, the names of the parties involved, eyewitness statements, and often even statements from both drivers. It can provide much insight into a case. It also offers a third-party, unbiased take on the accident from the police officer, which can be a valuable addition to the case.

2) Evidence of damage —To prove your car or property was damaged as a result of the other driver’s mistake or negligence, there will need to be some sort of physical evidence. Photos are your best bet, so make sure to snap a few with your phone right after the accident and before you take it in for repairs.

3) Evidence from the scene —Pictures from the scene of the accident can be helpful too, as they can shed light on how the accident occurred, who was at fault, and what errors or mistakes were made by each driver. If you’re able (and while you’re waiting for the police to arrive), take some pictures of the vehicles, their placement, the surroundings, etc. Also pay attention to any skid marks, damage to roadways or medians, and other physical evidence that could be important.

4) Witness statements —Not every car accident case is going to have eyewitnesses, but if yours does, count yourself lucky. Witnesses can be very valuable—especially if you weren’t at fault in the wreck. Often, their testimony can allow you to settle out of court and avoid the entire courtroom process altogether. Be sure to look for any eyewitnesses immediately after your wreck. Are there people at a nearby business who might have noticed? Other drivers who stopped? Get their names and phone numbers and save them for later. If you don’t see any eyewitnesses, look around for traffic or security cameras; they’re the next best thing.

5) Receipts and records from a doctor —After you’ve been in a wreck, you should always see a medical professional, even if you’re not sure you’re hurt. They’ll be able to evaluate your condition and make sure there are no underlying injuries that may surface later on. Just be sure not to leave without an itemized bill of your services and charges. Your car accident attorney—San Antonio or elsewhere based—will want to use this to determine how much your case should compensate you.

6) An assessment and estimate from a qualified mechanic —Get your car looked at by a mechanic you trust. Ask them to assess the damage and give you a full quote on what it will cost to repair. If your car has been totaled, research the Kelley Blue Book value of your vehicle. Your attorney will also use this in determining the value of your case.


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