Knit A Sweater – Save A Penguin!

For those of you out there who love to knit AND love to help others, THIS story will melt your heart. Who knew that something so cute could be a lifesaver. The Penguin Foundation on Phillip Island is saving waddling little penguins lives by making them wear tiny sweaters.




When penguins get caught in oil spills, their feathers get stuck together and matted. Sticky feathers make it difficult for them to keep warm and to find food.

And thanks to the folks at The Penguin Foundation, they can wear these cute and cozy sweaters while they are waiting for their turn to be cleaned. It also discourages the penguins from trying to clean themselves and in turn accidently swallowing toxic oil.





After the penguins are finally all cleaned up, they have to give up their tiny new threads. But that’s all good, too. They are sent home in their ‘birthday suits’ which are just as cute!!





Super knitter Merle Davenport, who is 95 years old, has whipped up over 1000 sweaters. The Penguin Foundation has a few other faithful volunteers to help out with knitting the darling sweaters, but they still need more!




So, if you’re ever wondering how God can use you and your gifts, just look around. There are people and animals everywhere that can use a hand…or even a tiny new sweater!

Go ahead, reach out to someone and make their day!

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