Transform Old Clothes Into A Perfect Fit For You

Unlucky at the thrift store?  Transform old clothes with some basic cutting and sewing skills and a little imagination.  You won’t believe this refashion!

Clothes shopping at Goodwill and consignment stores can be a hit or miss venture.  How frustrating to find a well made piece that is just your color, but it’s just too big or out of style.  Don’t put it back!  With just a few sewing maneuvers, you may be able to turn a piece that is past its prime into one that is tailor made for you!



Sarah Tyau knows her way around a garment and her refashion projects are simply inspiring.  In this project, she follows the basic pattern lines of this oversized dress.  She cuts and re-sews in strategic places and her result is simply perfect.  And made just for her.  Check out this transformation and be inspired!


allcreated - transform old clothes

credit: Sarah Tyau


WATCH:  Very basic sewing skills transform old clothes into your new favorite frock!


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