No More Wire Shelving! Vinyl Tile Shelf Liners To The Rescue

Did you inherit lovely wire shelving when you bought your house?  Make them all but disappear with vinyl tile shelf liners.  A cheap and simple solution!

Wire shelving was probably not invented by someone who has to stock, clean and keep a pantry organized.  I’m just sayin’.  Cans and boxes constantly topple, and if there is a spill, the contents trickle down…and down…and down.  They can definitely be more of a pain than a help.



“Thank you” to The Kranz Khronicles for coming to the rescue of all of us who live with these builder-grade nightmares!  Check out her simple solution of using vinyl tiles as a shelf liner.  These tiles are more rigid than shelf paper, offering a more stable surface.  They can easily be cut to size with a box cutter and are easily cleaned with your favorite household cleaner.  Best of all…they are cheap!  The Kranz Khronicles got theirs for $12 at Family Dollar.  Put this project on your weekend list.  You won’t be sorry!



Pop over to The Kranz Khronicles for more on vinyl tile shelf liners.

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