Brilliant Home Ideas

Want to spruce up your home? Make it more efficient, fun, or just plain cool looking? Yea, you do. We got 15 creativeĀ ideas that your home just might be begging for!

1. Add convenient outlets to drawers.

2. Add extra storage space with a half table in your bathroom.

3. Build a free library for your neighbors.

4. Do something with the space your fake drawers take up.

5. Or put extra outlets behind those fake drawers.

6. Add a shelf in a hallway for extra storage space.

7. Save space with collapsible drying racks.

8. Install dutch doors so you can watch your kids without baby gates.

9. Give each family member their own toilet seat tab.

10. Install a tunnel between your garage and pantry for easy grocery unloading.

11. Use stainless steel contact paper to make your appliances look more expensive.

12. Make your outside foundation look more appealing.

13. Use recessed outlets so you can put your furniture against the wall.

14. Swap out your shower head with this one… just because.

15. Install classy murphy beds for your kids instead of bunk beds.

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