Easy Steps To Clean Inside Fireplace Glass To Make It Sparkle

How To Clean The Inside Of Your Fireplace Glass To Make It Sparkling New

You don’t need to hire a pro to clean inside fireplace glass!  It’s really a pretty simple process that you will want to put on your to-do list each year.



Have you completed your Spring cleaning?  Ha!  I have hardly put a dent in mine!  Hopefully, I’ll get around to it before summer arrives.  In any case, one of those pesky areas that seems to always stay dingy looking is the inside of the gas fireplace.  You can clean the outside all day long, but the sooty shadows on the inside aren’t going anywhere until you get inside that baby and give it some TLC.  The great news is that this process is really not very difficult!  Follow along with Thrifty Decor Chick as she takes you through the steps.  She shows you pictures and gives you tips to make the job as simple as pie.  I’ll be putting this on the list for this weekend!

Hop on over to Thrifty Decor Chick  for the scoop to clean inside fireplace glass.


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