13 Home Improvement Ideas – Each Under $10

Improving ones home does not (nor should it always) mean you have to spend a lot of money. Sometimes, the most noticeable improvements do not cost a lot NOR take a lot of our time. Which is a win-win in my book!

*For example, flowers. Putting fresh flowers out, periodically, immediately lightens the decor in any room. {see #4 on our list}



Here are (13) easy decorating ideas that will update your home without breaking your budget. In fact, most of these projects are completely free while the rest of them will cost you less than $10. Cool, huh?

#1) Rearrange your furniture. This may sound simple, but rearranging furniture is a great (and free!) way to completely change the look and feel of your home. If you always find yourself climbing over an ottoman, move your couch back to create a passing lane. Is it too cramped? Try moving your side table to another room that’s more spacious. Click here for more tips.

#2) Change a light switch plate. Finding the light switch is always a daunting task, especially for guests. So why not try decoupaging pretty patterned paper to the plate for a nice pop of color? Your friends will thank you and a little touch of color will liven up any space.

#3) Rearrange the bookshelf. Reorganizing the bookshelf will easily make an entire room look more styled and polished, and you don’t even have to get rid of anything. One tip is to arrange your books so they look like a smooth landscape of rolling hills. Put the tallest in the middle and fan out to the smallest or create multiple peaks (as long as the books flow together) or lay a few books on their side and stack them like a pyramid. For seven more tips to a visually organized bookshelf, click here.



#4) Buy fresh flowers. A vase full of fresh flowers instantly brings life to any space, especially in the dreary winter months when everything outside is cold and pretty lackluster. You don’t need to get fancy–a bouquet of supermarket roses in a happy hue is enough to make a difference.



#5) Make pillow covers. One yard of fabric is all you need to make two adorable decorative pillow covers. Adding a fresh pattern or color to your living room or bed will elevate the design and you can buy designer fabrics on sale for an inexpensive price. Click here to learn how to make pillow covers.

#6) Change your lightbulbs. Nothing is more frustrating than light bulbs burning out, especially because replacing them is one of those things you put on the to-do list and immediately forget about. Take the time to replace all of those lights for a brighter, happier space. In your bedroom or den, try opting for lower wattage lights (between 20- and 50-watts) to create a cozier and more romantic ambience. Click here for a great guide to lighting your home.

#7) Make A Decorative Tray. Trays are one of the most useful accessories because they are functional and fashionable. They’re also easy to make by repurposing other household items, like a frame or mirror, for an inexpensive project.


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#8) Transform A Coffee Table. If you have a glass-topped coffee table, try sticking photographs underneath the glass for a new look. It’ll bring a personal touch to the space, reduce the need for frames and changing the photos is easy. If you don’t have a glass-topped coffee table, but like the idea, you can easily buy custom-cut glass from the hardware store.

#9) De-clutter. It’s amazing what a good cleaning can do to a space. Getting rid of miscellaneous items that you don’t need will make your home feel less cramped and more comfortable. Giving away or throwing out fifty things will not only free-up your home, but will alter your mindset as well. Click here to learn how to declutter!


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#10) Change your door knobs / drawer pulls. Changing all of your hardware can get expensive, but why not change the knobs on your nightstand for a low-cost alternative. Two or three knobs is all you’ll need to make them look good as new!

#11) Frame a piece of fabric. Buying artwork can be very expensive, so try framing a piece of decorative fabric or an old scarf instead. Click here for some how-to’s.

#12) Change glass cabinet doors. It’s easy to repaint a wooden door, but what about when you have glass doors and are tired of people being able to peek at your mess? Turns out you can paint that too. If you’re done with your glass door, paint over them from the inside or staple fabric over the glass. If you don’t have fabric, you can use free printable decorative paper instead!

#13) Create a hanging plate display. Do you have a gorgeous set of china sitting in the cabinet? Pull out those dishes and mount them on your wall. You’ll transform an empty wall and display an otherwise hidden collection. Click here for tips on mounting them on your wall.


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