DIY Garage Makeover Creatively Combines Storage Solutions

Do you have room to park your car in your garage?  This DIY Garage Makeover can show you how to fix that using affordable systems you can live with.

No matter how hard we try, clutter always seems to accumulate in the garage.  Specifically, in the floor of the garage.  It’s really almost impossible to keep the space clean when there are tools and sports equipment and garden supplies filling up every corner.  As with any room, the best way to fight the clutter is to have a space designated for every item.  That’s why storage systems are so tremendously helpful.



Hey There Home has achieved a miraculous transformation in her garage, using a series of affordable units and systems.  She begins with a cleaning and painting of the floor and works her way up into a gorgeous space for everything her family needs, plus her car!  Wait until you see the “after”!


The systems used in this DIY Garage Makeover include:

  • Garage cabinets
  • Track storage systems
  • Overhead garage storage system
  • Workbenches from shelves
  • Peg Board System
  • Heavy Duty Loft Shelf
  • Garage floor paint treatment
Pop over to Hey There Home to see the “after” and for ideas that may work in your garage.


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