Tiny Kitchen Storage Thomas Jefferson Would Envy

Are you running out of room in your kitchen?  Check out these brilliant kitchen storage systems that were designed and built by this clever homeowner to maximize every inch of space.

So what does Thomas Jefferson have to do with this?  This adorable couple lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of Thomas Jefferson.  If you have ever visited his historical home, Monticello, you know that he loved engineering clever contraptions to make life easier.  The couple that owns this home have been truly inspired by Jefferson’s genius and have designed and built storage for their tiny kitchen that is truly “revolutionary” (see what I did there ;)?



Check out all the details from this episode of HGTV’s “Small Space, Big Style”.  The customized spice rack with the removable ladder frame.  The “wrap center”, housing everything on a tube: paper towels, foil, plastic wrap.  Love it!  And that baking pantry is simply to die for.  I could move right in!


allcreated - small kitchen storage

credit: HGTV

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