When You See The Finished Floor, You’ll Be Heading To The Woods For Fallen Trees!

When I think of ‘hardwood floors’ I would have never thought of THIS! This one man’s idea and workmanship is just stunning. And as the saying goes, “If it’s worth it, it won’t be easy.” And he’s proven that in spades. Way to go!

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Cordwood Construction

Cordwood Construction is a technique dating back many years where the builders use fallen trees or logs cut from logged trees. In this particular project, wood logs are sliced 1″ thick and are being positioned to create the most beautiful, natural hardwood floor I’ve ever seen!

The process begins and the goal is to cover this cement floor and give it new life!

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Cordwood Construction

Before any pieces can be placed, the cement floor has been swept and mopped thoroughly. These particular trees came from their local state forest with permission to remove the fallen trees. The trees, “Shaggy Bark Juniper” and “Alligator Bark Juniper” had died naturally which only makes this process even more eco-friendly.

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Cordwood Construction

As mentioned before, the slices are all 1″ thick and are intentionally placed and glued one-by-one. Look how amazing it looks already?

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Cordwood Construction

When all the pieces are in place, a light coat of polyurethane is painted over the surface. This keeps the grout that will be applied from sticking to the individual tops.

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Cordwood Construction

Grout is added to fill in between the wood slices and then coated again with another layer (or 2 or 3) of polyurethane.

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Cordwood Construction

Look how beautiful this floor is? These wood slices offer such a warmth and natural look – makes it awfully hard to beat!

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Cordwood Construction

Thank you, Cordwood Construction for sharing with us this beautiful use of fallen trees. And we truly appreciate the fact that these logs were already dead before you took them to reuse.


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