How To Stain A Garage Door And Elevate Your Curb Appeal

Wood doors can really enrich a home’s look.  Learn how to use a gel to stain a garage door in a wood finish and yours may be the prettiest on the block!

If your home was built any time in the past several decades, chances are that you have a metal garage door.  While they are functional, they are seldom pretty.  But what to do with those big, white monsters?  How about creating a high end “carriage house” look?  “I can do that”, you ask?  Why yes, you can!



Domestically Speaking shows how she took her worn old door to a stunning walnut wonder with less than $20 of stain and materials.  A good power washing and a methodical approach were all it took to transform her garage into a thing of beauty.   The difference is astounding!



Here’s are the materials you will need to stain a garage door:

  • Power washer
  • Gel Stain (Walnut finish shown here)
  • Paint Brush

Visit Domestically Speaking for more on this project.


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