Shed To Backyard Cottage Time Lapse Transformation

Is your home just too small to accommodate overnight guests comfortably?  This time lapse backyard shed to cottage transformation shows what you can do in just 5 weeks!

If your house is short on guest space, no need to think about buying a bigger house.   Simply use some imagination and elbow grease to turn a shed into a modern and cozy guesthouse…right outside the back door.



The folks at Simplicity In The South have completed this amazing makeover right in their backyard, and in only a few weeks.  The time lapse photographs show the step by step of their project and reveal a truly stunning little retreat.  Imagine if you had one of these in your yard!  You would finally be able to comfortably host family during the holidays and even have a private little getaway for yourself!




WATCH:  Timelapse shows the incredible 5 week shed to cottage transformation


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