Doctor Boxed Cake Mix For Countless Dessert Options

Do you like the convenience of boxed cake mix but want to make it more special?  Doctor boxed cake mix and you won’t believe it’s not from scratch!

When it comes to cake, there are purists who only bake homemade and there are those who either don’t trust their baking abilities or prefer the ease of the box.  We are here to tell you that if you are a box baker,  you are going to love these tips.  There is a whole world of hacks out there that will deliver cakes and other desserts that have much better texture and taste than the box alone.



The Craftsy blog has put together 19 of these fantastic ideas for doctoring cake mix.  They range from substitutions to enhancements to downright transformations.  Check out these tips and your guests will be asking for a second piece..and maybe even a third!


allcreated - doctor boxed cake mix

credit: Craftsy


Doctor boxed cake mix using one of these creative hacks:

To enhance flavor:

  • Use hot water in chocolate cake mix
  • Use melted butter instead of oil
  • Add an extra yolk for richness
  • Use only egg whites for light vanilla cakes
  • Add a little flavoring extract
  • Use milk instead of water
  • Enhance chocolate mix with coffee
  • Use beer (or soda) instead of water
  • Add a pudding mix
  • Try mix-ins like nuts, fruits or candy


  • Use soda and nothing else
  • Add a puree like pumpkin
  • Add melted ice cream
  • Cook in a slow cooker


  • Create a cake batter dip
  • Cookies, brownies and pancakes out of cake mix
  • Make Gooey Butter Cake

Head on over to the Craftsy blog for all the details.


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