Jean Pocket Buttons Actually Serve An Important Purpose

We probably hardly notice them anymore, but those metal jean pocket buttons actually have a job!  No surprise, it all goes back to the original Levi’s.


Blue jeans trace all the way back to 1873 and they were originally used as a durable material for workers and laborers. The tough denim could within a lot throughout the day and they became the ideal ‘work’ pant. But eventually, jeans moved their way into other areas of our closet and now you can find all different shapes, styles and colors of these popular pants.

Almost everyone in the world owns a pair of jeans. It’s a common wardrobe staple in most people’s closet yet there is still a bit of a mystery surrounding them. Have you ever looked down at your pants and wondered just what those tiny little metal buttons for anyway?  I know I sure have. I figured that they had to serve some purpose, but I could never quite figure it out. Well, it turns out there was a method to the madness of the original jean creators that has stood the test of time.

Those little buttons are actually called rivets and they are very important to the function and quality of a pair of jeans.We can now find those rivets on pretty much any pair of hard-working blue jeans! It was fascinating to learn the story behind something that we hardly notice today. We throw on our blue jeans and go about our day but now we can have a little bit more appreciation for the craftsmanship for our favorite bottoms!


allcreated - jean pocket buttons

credit: Rumble


WATCH:  The real story behind your mysterious jean pocket buttons.


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