60+ Model Teaches How To Dress To Look 10 Pounds Thinner

There’s no shame in a little extra around the middle.  But you can learn to hide it and look 10 pounds thinner with these tips from a former cover girl.


As we get older, most of us are learning or have learned that with the years, comes a little extra padding.  Even models, like Heather, can become victim to a little middle age “fluffiness.” Heather knows exactly what it’s like to get older and for years she’s been handing down tips. She was a former model and cover girl, but she’s embracing her current look without resorting to surgery or Botox. And today, Heather is here to tell you that there are ways to maintain a sleek and svelte line and it doesn’t involve a second of exercise. Her tips can be accomplished with a few wardrobing and posture tricks!

We always love how Heather “tells it like it is”, without making us feel ashamed or embarrassed.  She simply doesn’t think we have to stop feeling good about ourselves, just because we keep having birthdays!  And just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we still can’t look fabulous. Just like fine wine, I’m starting to think that we only get better as the years go by. Who else agrees with me that age is nothing but a number?

Thank you, Heather, for helping to keep us feeling and LOOKING young and sassy!





WATCH:  Former model, Heather, demonstrates fantastic tips for dressing to look 10 pounds thinner


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